A Danish man and a Spanish woman met in the Marbella Casino and ended up making wine together in a breathtaking region in the northeast of Spain.

The difficulty of the land, with its mineral soil composition (slate/licorella), its steep mountainsides and the relative shortage of water, cause the vine to greatly exert itself and produce the quality grapes that give this wine its marked personality.

Both BaQarat.php">BaQarat, D.O.C. Priorato, and Roulette, D.O. Montsant, the two Protected Designations of Origin from the Priorato region, are based on old Garnacha and Carinena (Mazuelo) vines, the varieties that made this area famous.

Roser Amorós, expert on the Priorato region with many years of experience and many stories of success to her name, is the professional enologist that works with Mas Ciurana year-round. She ensures that the particular and ever-changing meteorological conditions of the region are used to an advantage in order to produce the best results possible.

At Mas Ciurana, we prefer to turn out a limited harvest that is nurtured and selected with great care and attention to detail. Our first two bottled vintages, 2006 and 2007, with over 12 months in French Oak barrel and more than 4 months in the bottle, are restricted to 6000 bottles each, half of which is Roulette and the other half BaQarat.

Gradually, we will increase the grape production, but always subjecting it to the most rigorous standards to ensure only the highest quality.

Wichever selection you choose, Roulette or BaQarat, we are sure that you will enjoy it enormously and that it will bring you the best of luck!


Roser Amorós Soler
Marimí Tudela
Poul Steen Nielsen